Exercise Five

Making commands using ka

Ka can be used with tāua and tātou when suggesting something had better be done. Tātou and tāua may start the sentence or be in the usual position following the verb.

If tāua or tātou starts the sentence, then ka must follow directly after. Look at the following examples to gain a better understanding of this structure.

Ka moe tātou.Let's all sleep.
Tāua ka moe.Let's (you and I) sleep.
Ka haere tātou ki tātahi.Let's all go to the beach.
Tātou ka oma ki te motokā.Let's all run to the car.
E Mere, tāua ka haere ki te whare pikitia.Mary, let's go to the picture theatre.

For further explanations and examples see Te Kākano p.111.

Moea te rerenga Māori ki te rerenga Pākehā kia ōrite ai ngā tikanga.

Don’t forget to use commas, question marks, and fullstops and macrons where appropriate (ā,ē,ī,ō, and ū).

Tātou ka haere.

Tāua ka haere.

Ka noho tāua mō te hui.

Ka haere tātou ki te whare kararehe.

Tātou ka haere ki te hī ika.

Tāua ka haere ki te whare taonga.

Tātou ka haere ki te awa.

Ka haere tātou ki te tāone.

Tāua ka haere ki te pāmu.

Ka haere tātou ki te hokomaha.