Exercise Five

Calling someone's attention to something

Ira and inā are used to draw someones attention to something.

Hei tauira:

Ira te tāima!Look at the time!
Ira tō motokā!There is your car!
Inā te papamā!Look at the whiteboard!

For further explanations and exercises: Te Kākano p. 59; Te Aka

Whakamāoritia ngā rerenga kōrero e whai ake nei.

Don’t forget to use commas, question marks, and fullstops and macrons where appropriate (ā,ē,ī,ō, and ū).

Look at the wall.

There is your father.

There is your book.

Look at the clock.

There is your sister.

There is your drink bottle.

There is Eruera.

There is Mīria’s cat.

Look at Hone’s car.

There is Panapa’s niece.

There is your hat.

Look at the time.