Exercise Nine

Using statives as commands

Kia is used when referring to future tense. If the action, as well as the way it should be done, is stated, then it is preceded by te, or a possessive such as .

Hei tauira:
Kia tere te oma! Run quickly!
Kia tūpato te haere! Go carefully!
Kia pai te mahi! (You) work properly!

For further explanations and exercises: Te Kākano p. 58, Te Aka

Whakamāoritia ēnei rerenga kōrero.

Don’t forget to use commas, question marks, and fullstops and macrons where appropriate (ā,ē,ī,ō, and ū).

Te hereripene right

You must walk correctly!

(You) eat properly!

Go carefully!

Walk quickly!

You (3+) must write correctly!

Sit properly!

Sing hard/strongly!

Run carefully!

You (2), work properly!

Talk properly!

Talk softly!

Sit quietly!